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Scola - Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Scola Artmix - Readymix Paint - 600ml Bottles

Product code: E104 - E109


Product Description:

Scola Artmix ready-mixed paint is one of the most widely used painting mediums in primary schools. Part of the Scolaquip Eco range, it uses only natural thickeners and is wheat and gluten-free, so there will be no problems if the paint is accidentally ingested. Scola Artmix is especially formulated to wash off children's skin and most fabrics, making it ideal for young children's painting activities - even the youngest and messiest! Paint should be removed from clothing, etc., while wet if possible and fabrics soaked in cold water. The paint is water-soluble and may be used straight from the bottle, or diluted with water, and dries to a matt finish. Scola Artmix is available in a range of colours, in 600ml, squeezy, re-sealable bottles.

•One of the most widely used paints in primary schools
•Uses only natural thickeners
• Wheat and gluten-free
•Especially formulated to wash off children's skin and fabrics
• Water-soluble - use straight from the bottle or dilute with water
•Dries to a matt finish
•Available in a wide range of colours, in squeezy, re-sealable 600ml bottles

Not suitable for body painting.

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  Black E104 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Blue E105 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Green E106 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Yellow E107 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Red E108 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  White E109 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Burnt Umber E112 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Orange E113 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Crimson E114 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Turquoise E115 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Leaf Green E116 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Burnt Sienna E117 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Sky Blue E118 Price: £  Qty: ()  
  Lemon E119 Price: £  Qty: ()  



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