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Noch - wie im Original (as in the original)

About Noch...

The company NOCH was founded 1911 in Glauchau (Saxon) by Oswald Noch, the great-grandfather of the current Managing Director. The family concern that has been managed by the owners over generations has advanced together with the employees to a specialist in model landscaping. The NOCH logo including the words "...wie im Original" obliges to manufacture realistic, life-like the original prototypes in nature. The NOCH team is still striving to make the fascinating model landscaping hobby easily approachable for every modeller.
Every year the team try to improve the applications and to develop new, innovative products for the most beautiful hobby of the world.

Terrain Structuring

At the beginning of each modelling project there is the sturdy base. The landscape is the heart and also the face of a model railway layout. Therefore the construction of a landscape substructure is one of the most important and demanding tasks when creating a model landscape. Whether you wish to realize your own ideas or to replicate an original landscape, you need not only fantasy, leisure and dexterity but above all the proper material for a sturdy base construction. For this purpose NOCH offers you a wide range of terrain structuring products: the TERRA-FORM terrain structuring system, crepe paper, wire mesh paper, aluminium wire mesh, paster cloch, rock compound and modelling compound.

Bridges and Viaducts

Real artworks in miniature made of "steel-carton"! Every model railroader knows: It is the details that are fascinating. Sometimes it is quite easy to provide eyecatchers for a model railway layout or diorama - for example with the laser-cut kits form NOCH. The delicate rivets of the steel construction are engraved by laser. This technology gives the special laser carton - being imported from England especially for you - a natural patina. NOCH bridges increase the attractivity of each model landscape. Our range includes four different types of bridges: fascinating, finely detailed laser-cut bridges (kits), ready-to-use stone bridges made of exrremely sturdy, realistic looking hardfoam, kits of modern pylon bridges with wooden routes and plastic piers and classic steel bridge kits made of plastic.

Portals, Walls and Arcades

Craggy model landscapes have several challenges in store: Steep rock faces must be supported by retaining walls, somewhere else a tunnel leads through a mountain. Well planned and complex tunnels running through rocky mountains give a model landscape that "certain something". NOCH portals, walls and arcades - realistic like the original thing. Whether at a large city station or a switch yard, an express train line or a secondary line: Matching walls, arcades and portals characterize the apprearance of a railway landscape - in real life as well as on a model layout. NOCH offers an incomparable wide assortment of different materials: NOCH structural hard foam, laser-cut, CONSTRU-flex, 3D structured textures, embossed carton or inexpensive plastic.


The landscape is the heart and also the face of a model railway layout. Therefore landscape structuring is one of the most pleasant, important and challenging tasks when creating a model layout. Whether you realize your own creative ideas or want to model a real landscape: You need not only fantasy, leisure and dexterity but above all the proper scenery materials. In the NOCH range you will find everything a modeller's heart desires.

Trees and Bushes

Foresting your model landscape – with NOCH model trees in all species and sizes.
A small young forest plantation with firs, a single oak with lovers sitting under the tree, a timber in the background of the layout, a mixed forest along the tracks - there are endless possibilities to afforest a model railway layout. Trees are essential for the decoration of a charming model landscape. They add life to the scene, set accents and give a very special, distinctive atmosphere to each model railway layout.


Noch offer a wide range of trees and undergroth in every size - just like the original.



This line contains high quality single trees. They are realistic models of original trees in form, colours and size being flocked with NOCH PROFI leaves.

Standard Trees

Standard trees are inexpensive model trees made of highly flexible plastic. Realistic appearance on the basis of an innovative, three-dimensional sprue. Elaborately flocked and coloured by hand.

Classic Trees

Classic model trees, flocked with high quality NOCH Classic Flock. Available as large single trees or as sets in attractive gift packaging.

Hobby Trees

Inexpensive trees in large economy packs. Ideal to afforest large areas. Available as deciduous or fir trees.

Nature Trees

Super realistic tree blanks made of natural sea foam. Ideal for covering with NOCH Flock, Classic Flock or Leaves. For beautiful, filigree trees and bushes.


Laser-Cut - The Future of Model Building

In the past few years, the Laser-Cut technology has found its way to all areas of model building. The most striking changes can be noticed with model buildings. Originally they were manufactured of only plastic, however nowadays – thanks to Laser-Cut – they are made of a special cardboard. NOCH uses an age-resistant laser cardboard being certified according to DIN norm. The innovative 45° angle cut makes assembly very easy. All buildings of the Laser-Cut series are entirely handpainted resulting in a very realistic appearance. But not only the product features do inspire: Cardboard is a renewable resource and during the laser cutting process the required energy is applied with utmost precision and efficiency. For this reason the NOCH Laser-Cut buildings show the road to the future also with regard to environmental sustainability.

Glue- fold - finished!

45° angle cut: The wall is standing! Laser become more and more popular in model building. NOCH has thought about a better use of the advantages of laser. The result is the NOCH Laser-Cut System. »Plus«, because it goes one step further eliminating previous weak points applying innovative solutions. The 45° angle cut is one of the technical achievements. It enables an easy assembly by simply gluing and folding the building, and the edges of the buildings have no visible laser-typical joints. 2011 the Laser-Cut technology of NOCH has been awarded the innovation price by the local VR Bank.

Figures and Decoration

Populate your own little world with NOCH figures!
Nothing can better add life to a model scene than figures. The NOCH range contains a lot t of different figure sets for H0, TT and N scale. We have structured our wide assortment in specific topics: working life, railway station, people in all situations of life, country life and animals, playing, hobby and leisure time. In addition to these classic figure sets there are useful combination sets, inexpensive big XL figure sets and mega economy figure sets in order to get a greater figures population.

Special themes as boats, country scenes, special purpose vehicles, carts and carriages complete the assorment . Exciting accessory sets contain a multitude of handpainted matching accessories. All model railway figures of NOCH are lovely detailed and modelled adding life to your model landscape or diorama. But you can also use them to decorate a small gift or a greeting card.
The micro-motion figures are a special highlight from NOCH as they are really moving (e.g. dancing). But this is not all - our illuminated figures and vehicles are real eye-catchers on every model landscape! The figures are assembled with high-quality LEDs and are handpainted, so that no wires are visible. They add a completely new dimension to your layout!

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