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Superquick Card Kits        
A1.0 Station Platform Price: £
A1.1 Station Platform Stone Price: £
A2 Station Building Price: £
A3 Island Platform Price: £
A4 Island Platform Building Price: £
A5 Two Road Locomotive Shed Price: £
A6 The Signal Box & Coal Shed Price: £
A7.0 Goods Depot Price: £
A7.1 Goods Depot - Stone Price: £
A8 Water Tower & Weigh Bridge Price: £
A9 Covered Footbridge Price: £
A10 Railway Terminus Building Price: £      
      A11 Station Keepers House & Gate Keepers Cottage Price: £

A12 Coaling Tower Price: £
A13 Ash Plant Price: £
A14 Red Brick Bridge/ Tunnel Front 

Price: £

A15 Blue Brick Bridge/ Tunnel Front

Price: £

A16 Stone Bridge/ Tunnel Front

Price: £

B21 The Swan Inn Price: £
B22 Two Country Town Shops Price: £
B23 Two Detached Houses Price: £
B24 Greystokes Farm House Price: £
B25 Police Station or Library Price: £
B26 Farm Hayloft or Barns Price: £
B27 Supermarket & Shop Price: £
B28 Elizabethan Cottages Price: £
B29 Country Church Price: £
B30 Four Terraced Cottage Price: £
B31 The Village School Price: £
      B32 Country Garage & Petrol Pump Price: £
B33 The Railway Hotel Price: £      
B34 Depot Building Price: £
B35 Market House Price: £
B36 Fire Station Price: £
C1 Hotel, Offices & Restaurant Price: £
C2 Cinema, Post Office & Shop Price: £
C4 Regency Period Shops & House Price: £
C5 Red Brick Terrace Backs Price: £
C6 Red Brick Terrace Fronts Price: £
C7 Red Brick Terrace Corner Shop Price: £
D1 Red Brick Paper Price: £
D2 Yellow Brick Paper Price: £
D3 Engineering Blue Brick Paper Price: £
D4 Red Roof Tiles Paper Price: £
D5 Grey Slate Paper Price: £
D6 Grey Paving Stones Price: £      
      D7 Flint Walling Paper Price: £
D8 Grey Sandstone Ashlar Walling Paper Price: £
D9 Red Sandstone Ashlar Walling Paper Price: £
D10 Grey Sandstone Coursers Walling Paper Price: £
D11 Red Sandstone Coursers Walling Paper Price: £
D12 Grey Rubble Walling Paper Price: £
D13 Red Rubble Walling Paper Price: £
Dapol Plastic Kits        
C001 Turntable Price: £


Railway Workmen

Price: £
C003 Girder Bridge Price: £
C004 Footbridge Price: £
C005 Water Tower Price: £
C006 Signal Box Price: £
C007 Engine Shed Price: £
C008 Platform Figures Price: £      
    C009 Deltic Diesel Price: £

C010 Platform Canopy Price: £
C011 Hut Coal Office and Water Crane Price: £
C013 Platform Fittings Price: £

Booking Hall

Price: £
C015 Level Crossing Price: £
C016 Windmill Price: £
C017 Signal Gantry Price: £
C018 Kiosk and Steps Price: £

General Stores

Price: £
C020 Thatched Cottage Price: £
C021 Detached Bungalow Price: £
C022 Station Platform Price: £
C023 Fences and Gates Price: £    
C024 Telegraph Poles Price: £

C025 Country Inn Price: £
C026 0-4-0 BR Plug Price: £
C027 Detached House Price: £

15T Diesel Crane

Price: £
C029 Village Church Price: £
C030 Travelling Dockside Crane Price: £
C031 Shop and Flat Price: £
C032 Petrol Station Price: £
C033 Scammell Scarab Price: £
C034 20T Tanker BP Price: £      
    C035 Schools Class Harrow Locomotive Price: £

C036 20T Tanker Esso Price: £
C037 16T Mineral Wagon Price: £

BR Brake Van

Price: £
C039 BR Cattle Wagon Price: £
C040 Pressflo Cement Wagon Price: £
C041 10T Ventilated Meat Van Price: £
C042 Interfrigo Van Price: £
C043 Prestwin Twin Silo Cement Price: £
C044 Lomac Price: £
    C045 JCB Digger Price: £
C046 Stephenson's Rocket Price: £      
C047 BR Railbus Price: £

C048 Battle of Britain Class Biggin Hill Locomotive Price: £
C049 Evening Star Locomotive Price: £
C050 Road Signs (4)

Price: £

C057 Semi Detached House

Price: £

C059 2-6-0 BR Mogul Locomotive Price: £

204 H.P. 0-6-0 Drewery Shunter Locomotive

Price: £
C061 4-4-0 City of Truro Locomotive Price: £
C062 2-6-2 GWR Prairie Locomotive Price: £
C073 Village Stocks Price: £
C076 War Memorial Price: £
C077 Pub Sign and Trough Price: £
C078 Signpost and Stile Price: £
C083 Battle of Britain 257 Squadron Locomotive Price: £      
    C084 Battle of Britain 92 Squadron Locomotive Price: £

C085 Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot Locomotive Price: £
C086 Schools Class Shrewsbury Locomotive Price: £
C087 Schools Class Rugby Locomotive Price: £
C088 Schools Class Kings Wimbledon Locomotive Price: £
C089 2-6-2 GWR Prairie Locomotive Price: £
C090 20T Regent Tanker Price: £
C091 Station Pack Price: £
Knightwing Plastic Kits        
PM101 Crates Barrels & Sacks Price: £
PM102 Gravel Loader Price: £ 
PM103 Diesel Fuelling Points Price: £
PM104 Signal Box Price: £
PM105 Timber & Log Loads Price: £
PM108 Crates, Barrels, Sacks & Drums Price: £
PM109 Garage Service Bay Price: £
PM110 Station Halt Flat Price: £
PM111 Station Halt Corrugate Price: £
PM112 Engine Shed Price: £
PM113 Mine Top Builings Price: £
PM114 Station Halt Set Price: £
PM115 Portakabin Price: £
PM116 Fuel Oil Depot Price: £    
    PM117 Single Diesel Tank with Supports Price: £
PM118 Loading / Unloading Point Price: £
PM119 Light Signal Kit Price: £
PM120 Light Signal Kit plus Indication Price: £
PM121 Security Fencing Price: £
PM122 Girder Bridge Price: £
PM123 Girder Bridge Double Pack Price: £
PM124 Double Portakabin Price: £
PM125 Gatehouse Control Office Price: £
PM126 Gas Tank Price: £
PM127 Girder Crane Price: £
PM128 Inspection Ramp Price: £
    PM129 2 Road Diesel Depot Price: £N/A
PM131 Depot Washing Line Price: £N/A      
PM132 Wayside Halt Price: £  
PM133 Branch Line Station Set Price: £
PM134 Maintenance Walkway Price: £
PM135 Oil Liquid Powder Tanks Price: £
PM136 British Rail Diesel Fuel Point Price: £
PM137 Tank Support Sections Price: £
PM138 Twin Tank Pack Price: £
PM139 Crates, Barrels, Sacks Double Pack Price: £
PM140 Industrial Walkway Price: £      
PM500 Security Fencing Twin Pack Price: £

Universal Parts


UN1 Pipes 00 Gauge Price: £  
UN2 Pipe Fittings Price: £  
UN3 Pipe & Pipe Fittings Price: £  
UN4 Girder & Truss  Price: £  
UN5 Girder Lattice Accessory Pack Price: £  
UN6 Girder Lattice Price: £  
UN7 Girder Support Metal Price: £  
    UN8 Girder Support Metal Price: £  

Transport Kits

KWH1 Canvas 3 Axle Trailer - Heritage Price: £
KWH2 40FT Container 2 Axle Trailer Price: £
KWH3 2x 20FT Container 2 Axle Trailer Price: £
KWH4 Flatbed 3 Axle Trailer C/W Sid Price: £
KWH5 Low Loader 3 Axle Trailer Step Price: £
KWH6 Intermodal Containers 2x 20ft Price: £
KWH7 Intermodal Containers 4x 20ft Price: £
KWH8 Intermodal Containers 2x 40ft Price: £
KWH10 Foden halmaster EX H310 Price: £
KWH13 Thorneycroft 11/2 T Van GWR Price: £      
    KWH15 1924 Atkinson Steam Wagon Price: £
KWH16 Peterbuilt 359 Truck Artic Tractor Unit Price: £
KWH18 Ford Transcon Artic Tractor Unit Price: £
KWH19 Volvo F12 Artic Tractor Unit Price: £
KWH21 Mercedes Artic Tractor Unit Price: £
KWH25 London Double Decker Bus RML Price: £
    LOCO1 0-4-0 Industrial Shunter RK20B

Price: £


Knight Wing Metal Kits

B1 Platform Lamps Price: £
B2 Dustbins Price: £
B3 Oil Drums Price: £
B4 Milk Churns Price: £
B5 Industrial Maintenance Scene Price: £
B6 Single Trackside Power Boxes Price: £
B7 Single Trackside Power Boxes on Legs Price: £
B8 Double Electrical Trackside Power Boxes Medium Price: £
B9 Double Electrical Trackside Power Boxes Large Price: £
B10 Speed Restriction Signs with Battery Box Price: £      
    B11 Point Motors Price: £
B12 Modern Station Name Boards with Posts (Long) Price: £
B13 Modern Station Name Boards with Posts (Short) Price: £
B14 Ground Frames (Point Levers) Price: £
B15 Warning Restriction Signs Price: £
B16 Station Name Boards Price: £
B17 Fuel Pump Price: £
B18 Notice Boards A Price: £

Notice Boards B

Price: £
    B20 Mobile Gravel Conveyor Price: £
B21 Single Power Box Price: £      

Oil Storage Tank

Price: £
B23 Cable Drums Price: £
B24 Engineering Yard 1 Price: £

Engineering Yard 2

Price: £
B26 Flower Tubs Price: £
B27 Large Plant Container Price: £
B28 Fertiliser Bags Price: £
B29 Potato Sacks Price: £
B30 Ballast Boxes Price: £
B31 Builders Sacks Price: £

Cable Drums

Price: £

Yard Oval Lamp

Price: £
B34 Water Crane Price: £
B35 Cable Drums Price: £
B36 Gradient Post Price: £      
    B37 Fuel Discharge Point Price: £
B38 Inline Pump Control Price: £

Car Park Lamps

Price: £
B40 Security Lamps Price: £
B41 Wooden Casks Price: £

Station Approach A

Price: £
B43 Platform Trolley Price: £
B44 Station Approach B Price: £
B45 Point Heater Cabinets Price: £
    B46 Yard Wooden Cabinets Price: £
B47 Refreshment Room Price: £      
B48 Bus Shelter Wood Price: £
B49 Bus Shelter Concrete Price: £
B50 ATC Ramps Price: £
B51 Coach Stabling Platform Price: £
B52 Loading Stage Short Price: £
B53 Loading Stage Long Price: £
B54 Builders Fuel Stage and Accessories Price: £
B55 Chemical Gas / Fuel Raised Gantry and Steps Price: £
B56 Single Loading Stage Price: £      

Fork Lift Truck

Price: £
B58 Trackside Junk Price: £
B59 Station Platform Junk / Accessories Price: £

Garage Forecourt

Price: £
B61 Bus Stop with Pavement Price: £

Railway Cutting

Price: £
B63 Outside Storage Shelter Price: £
B64 Pallets Price: £

Plate layers Hut

Price: £
B66 Fish and Chip Shop Price: £
B67 Taxi Office Price: £
    B68 Storage Building Price: £
B69 Chemical Drum Price: £      
B70 Kitchen Garden Price: £  
B71 Steam Engine Shed Scene with BR Water crane and Accessories Price: £

Industrial Yard Pack

Price: £
B73 Rolled Wire Coils Price: £
B74 Building Yard Pack Price: £
B75 Folk Lift Trucks - Pack of 2 Price: £

Cooper Craft


CC1001W GWR Open A

Price: £

CC1002W GWR 10T Loco Coal

Price: £

CC1003W GWR Mink Van Wooden Body V5

Price: £

CC1004W 4 Plank Wagon (C.I. Numbers)

Price: £

CC1005W Dia. 04 Open A 5 Plank Wagon (1925+)

Price: £

CC1006W Dia. O2 7 Plank Open Wagon

Price: £

CC5000 BR Mk1 Underframe Kit

Price: £

CC1016 Steel Ballast Weights X 12

Price: £

CC2001 Pooley Rail Weighbridge

Price: £

CC2002 Platelayer's Hut

Price: £

CC2003 Cast Iron Station Seats

Price: £

    CC2004 GWR Grounded Van Body

Price: £

      CC2006 GWR Four Wheeled Platform Trolleys

Price: £

      CC2008 Signal Box Nameplates and Letters 4 Sets

Price: £

      CC2009 Station Nameboards and Letters (4 Sets)

Price: £

      CC2010 Platelayer's Trolleys X 2

Price: £



K1 Little Thatch

Price: £

K2 Priory Cottage

Price: £

K3 Stone Cottage

Price: £

K4 Tudor Cottage

Price: £

K5 Spring Cottage

Price: £

X1 Christmas Cottage

Price: £

M2 Georgian House - 'Mulberry'

Price: £

M5 Stone Cottage - 'Hillside'

Price: £

M6C Acorn Cottage - Dark Cream

Price: £

M6P Acorn Cottage - Dark Pink

Price: £

R103 The Old Forge / Forge Cottages

Price: £

TS1 Grey Slate Embossed Card

Price: £

TS2 Roof Tiles Embossed Card

Price: £


Model Craft

PMA2002 Masking Tape - 2mm x 18m

Price: £

PMA2003 Masking Tape - 3mm x 18m

Price: £

PMA2006 Masking Tape - 6mm x 18m

Price: £

PMA2010 Masking Tape - 10mm x 18m

Price: £


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Model Railway

Noch Model Railway Scenery - Scenic's N05180 - Noch - Curved Tunnel, Double Track Noch - Tunnel

Price: £

N60135 - Noch Gras-Master 2.0 - Electrostatic Flocking Device Noch Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI

Price: £

N26806 - Noch - Hobby Trees - Spring 5-9cm (25) Noch Spring Trees Spring (25 Pack)

Price: £

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Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack A - R8221

Hornby Extension Track Pack A

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack B - R8222

Hornby Extension Track Pack B

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack C - R8223

Hornby Extension Track Pack C

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack D - R8224

Hornby Extension Track Pack D

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F

Price: £

Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Shop

R8214 - Hornby Elite DCC Controller

Hornby DCC Elite Controller

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Train Sets - Hornby Red Rover Train Set - R1281M

Hornby Red Rover Train Set

Price: £


Gaugemaster Model Railway

Gaugemaster Combi Controller

Combi Controller

Price: £

GMC-D Gaugemaster - Twin Track Train Controller

2 Track Controller

Price: £

GMC-Q Gaugemaster - Four Track Train Controller

4 Track Controller

Price: £

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Airfix Kits Shop Airfix - Hawker Typhoon Ib Starter Set - 1:72 (A55208) Airfix Hawker Typhoon Ib Starter Set - 1:72

Price: £

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