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Hornby Spare Service sheets

HSS NumberNameModel Numbers
200e0-4-0 Chassis 
201e 201f0-6-0 ChassisR2256, R2186C, R2333, R2198A, R2239, R2164A, R2164B, R2111, R2006W, R2123, R2324, R2401, R2334, R2274, R2541, R2186A, R2186B, R2163, R2155A, R2155B, R2155C, R2157A, R2157B, R2468, R2469, R2400A, R2328A, R2328B, R760B, R2325, R2657, R2540, R2546, R2534, R2658, R2674
202cNetworkerR2001A; R2307A/B
203Class 92 (3 Pole)R855W; R2004; R2035
204Class A1 and A3 4-6-2 (3 Pole)R078; R295; R398; R2020
205cClass 43 HST 125 (3 Pole)R1023; R2000; R2045; R2046; R2114; R2115; R2116; R2299
206bKing Class (3 Pole)R2022; R2077; R2119
207bClass B17/4 Footballer (3 Pole)R2184; R2209
208bClass 91 (3 Pole)R269W; R2002; R2069
209cClass 90 (3 Pole)R855W; R2004; R2035
210bClass 47 (3 Pole)R1022
211eJ94R2096; R2062; R2151; R2094A/B/C; R2281; R2326; R2327; R2380A; R2212; R2533; R2556; R2454
213hCountry and Castle ClassR2025; R2085; R2097; R2166; R1048; R2024; R1033; R2232; R2317; R1025; R2284; R2280; R2318; R2498; R2391; R2211; R2392; R2086; R2090; R2337; R2389; R2378; R2491; R2424; R2662
214cPugR2065A; R2335; R2093A, R2093B, R2093C
216f 216g 216hTerrierR2063, R2165, R2165A, R2165B, R2165C, R2779, R3116, R3247, R2100B, R2216, R2406, R2407, R2443, R2550, R2483, R2627, R2741, R2605, R3022, R3248
218cClass B12R284; R1032; R1122; R2102A/B; R2156A, R2156B; R284AW; R2320
219cClass 58R2125A, R2125B, R2125C; R2346; R2252A, R2252B, R2252C; R2336; R2411
221dEurostarR1013, R2197, R2197A, R2379, R665A
223eDuchess ClassR2230; R2231; R2312; R2311; R2262; R2444; R2383; R2446
225bClass 2pR2099A, R2099B, R2099C, R2183A, R2183B, R2527
227e 227gClass 14xxR2026A, R2026B, R2026C, R2026D, R2095A, R2095B, R2095C, R2381, R2381A, R2539, R2778, R3027, R3117, R3186
229fClass 56R2074A/B; R2075; R2106A; R2107A/B/C/D; R2235A/B/C/D/E/G; R2253/A; R2288A/B/C/D; R2416A; R2476A/B; R2576; R2477A/B
232cClass 86R2120; R2159/A; R2160/A; R2240; R2241A/B; R2242; R2243; R2290A/B/C; R2331; R2362
233c 233dClass 142 RailbusR2161, R2611
238dClass 61xx PrairieR2098A/B/C/D/E; R2213A/B; R2357A/B; R2624
244bDean Goods ClassR2064A/B/C; R2210; R2275
245cClass 4FR2066, R2193, R2276/A R2396, R2545
248bMerchant NavyR2169, R2268, R2294, R2170, R2204, R2267, R2300, R2171
249d 249e 249fWest Country and Battle of BritainR2218, R2219, R2220, R2221, R2283, R2279M, R2286, R2388, R2385, R2458 R2436, R2260, R2282, R2315, R2542, R2316, R2568
250bToby TramR9046
251c 251dPrincess ClassR2559, R2225, R2313, R2226, R2314, R1045, R2447, R2448
252c 252eClass 47 (5 pole)R2289, R2289A, R2289B, R2289C, R2289G,  R2254 R2254A, R2254B, R2289D, R2289E, R2353, R2352, R2351, R2481, R2677, R2479, R2479A, R2479B, R2422, R2480
253cBritannia Class (5 pole)R2272, R2387, R2484, R2329M, R2457
254Class 9F (5 Pole)R2105D, R2248
255cB17 4 Footballer (5 pole)R2273, R2319, R2532
256bClass A3 A4 Super Detail (5 Pole)R2265, R2261, R2266
257eBlack 5R2257, R2250, R2258, R2359, R2360, R2323, R2321, R2322, R2450, R2449, R2686A, R2686B, R2857, R2561, R2525, R2555
258b 258cHenry The Green EngineR9049
259cClass A1 (5 Pole)R1019, R1039, R1034
260c 260dKing ClassR2233, R2390, R2460, R2544, R3074, R2234, R2309,
261dClass 8FR2227/R2394 R2228 R2249/R2462 R2229 R2395A R2393 R2463
262b 262cFowler ClassR2223 R2224 R2287
263bClass 37 (5 Pole)R2412, R2255, R2255A, R2472A, R2472B, R9064, R1054, R2409, R2471A, R2471B, R2574
2640-6-0R351, R382, R9067, R9066, R9050
265Bill and BenR9048, R9047
266b 266dClass 43 HST (5 pole)R1023, R2298A, R2376
267cMerchant Navy Class (DCC)R1038, R2310, R2466, R2528, R2599M
268e, 268fClass Q1R2343A, R2343B, R2344A, R2344B, R2538, R2537, R2355A, R2355B, R3011, R3011X
269Gordon (5 Pole)R383
270g 270jClass 50R3054, R3263, R3264, R3471, R2408, R2499, R2575, R2641, R2748, R2749, R2793, R2641, R2487, R2374, R2349, R2486, R2474, R2428, R2348, R2429, R2350
271c 271dClass 86 (5 Pole)R2160A, R2414, R2415, R2290D, R2596, R2755
272Class 35 (5 Pole)R2410, R2423
273eClass 90R2358, R2473, R2482, R2588, R2663, R2663A
274Live SteamR1041, R2277, R2367, R2368
275eClass A4R2340, R2535, R2339 R1064M, R2338, R2373, R2798,
R2721, R2794M, R2484, R2494, R2615, R2445, R2825, R2826, R2688
276hClass 31R2413, R2413, R2413A, R2413B, R2421, R2420, R2420A, R2526, R2571, R2963, R2963X R3044, R3044X
277bClass 2800R2464, R2465
278eClass 08R2592, R2593, R2594, R2595, R2417, R2418, R2419, R2438, R2590, R2591, R2777, R2589, R2871
279bGrange ClassR2402, R2403, R2502, R2404, R2548, R2547
280Patriot Class (5 Pole)R2347M, R2456
281Class 110 (5 Pole)R2297, R2297A, R2297B, R2297C
283Live Steam Flying Scotsman SetR2485, R2492, R1058
284bClass A1 A3R2341, R2342, R2405, R2441, R2549, R2598, R2536, R2569
285 285cClass 91 (5 Pole)R2427, R2427A, R3133, R3001, R3365
286f 286hClass 60 
287Patriot Class (5 Pole DCC)R2456
288e 288gClass M7 
289dBritannia Class 7MTR2562, R2563, R2717, R2564, R2565, R2619, R2718, R2719, R2618
290 290dClass 67 
2910-6-0 (DCC)R1075, R1077
292cClass 121R2508, R2508A, R2509, R2509A, R2510, R2668
293 293bCounty and Castle Class (DCC) 
294cClass 59R2520, R2519, R2861, R2521
295GWR DeanR2560, R9231, R2614
296dClass 73R2516, R2517, R2518, R2654, R2765, R2655, R2766, R2656, R2767
297cDiesel RailcarR2524, R2524A, R2653, R2768
298cRe-Built West County and Battle of Britain ClassR2585, R2586, R2607, R2587, R2584, R2606, R2608, R2609, R2708, R2709
299c 299gClass n15 
300cPendolinoR1076, R2467X
301eClass 101R2578, R2578A, R2579, R2579A, R2697 R2696, R2698
303b 303cClass 156 
304bBreakdown CraneR6365, R6369
305cRoyal Scot ClassR2628, R2629, R2630, R2631, R2664
306 306cCastle Class 
307b 307cPatriot ClassR2726, R2632, R2727, R2633, R2634, R2726X, R2727X, R3017
308b 308d 308eClass 0-6-0 DCC 
309b 309dClass 47 
310b 310e 310fClass 56R2962, R2962X, R2645, R2646, R2647, R3050, R6648, R2776, R2750, R2751, R3052, R2864, R2752, R3265
311Class 66R2650 R2651 R2652
312bStanier 4MT Class 4PR2635, R2636, R2637, R2730, R2731, R2732
313cCaledonian 4-2-2 LMS Dean Single 4-2-2R2610, R2683, R2806
314Merchant Navy (DCC)R2466, R2528, R2599M
315bFlying Scotsman Class A1 (Set Version)R1072
316Flying Scotsman A1 (Railroad)R2675
317Fowler Class 2-6-4TR2738
318Shark Brake VansR6411, R6412, R6413
319cClass142 Railbus (DCC)R2700 R2809
320 320c Class 73 (DCC)R2765, R2766, R2767, R3045, R3136, R3137
322Class 121R2769, R2770, R2771
323Class 101R2697, R2696, R2698
324Class B12 (DCC)R1097
325bEurostar (DCC)R1071, R2379A
326bDiesel RailcarR2768, R2869, R2876
328 328eClass 9FR3097, R3072M, R2785, R9684, R3288, R3155, R2880
329 329dClass 153 
330cSchools ClassR2742, R2742X, R2743, R2743X, R2844, R2844X, R2744, R2744X, R2815 R2745, R2745X, R2827,  R2843, R2843X, R2845, R2845X
331Class 37 (Railroad)R2775
332 332bClass 43 HST 
333d 333eClass T9 
334bClass 55R1092, R2879
335Class 20R2760, R2761, R2762, R2763
337cClass 75000R2714, R2714X, R2715, R2715X, R2716, R2716X, R3016, R3016X
338 338bClass 56 (Sound) 
339Princess Class (DCC)R2559, R2616
340Class 60 (Sound)R2780XS
341Class 87R2772, R2787
342 342bDuchess Class (Sound) 
343cClan Class 4-6-2R2846, R2846X, R2847, R2847X, R2925, R2925X
344Railroad A4R2779, R2784X
345, 345bHitachi Class 395 EMUR2821, R1148, R2961
346cCastle Class LocomotiveR2852, R2958, R2848, R2849, R2850, R2822
347 347bRailroad LMS Class 5R2881
3480-6-0 (Modified)R2669, R2774, R2882
349Thomas 0-6-0R351+Set Thomas, R382, R9050, R9066, R9067, R9104
350Class A4 (Sound)R2805XS, R2896XS
351bClass 2800R2915, R2916, R2916X, R2917, R2917X, R3005, R3005X
352bClass 3800R2918, R2918X, R2919, R2919X, R3006, R3006X
353bThompson L1 ClassR2959, R2959X, R2912, R2912X, R2913, R2913X, R2914, R2914X, R3007, R3007X
354Class 33 (DCC)R2939
354Pullman Observation CarR4377, R4436
355Class 5 - Black 5 (Sound)R2804XS, R2895XS
356Toy StoryR1149
357Blue Rapier R1139
358b 358cClass A4 (New Connection)R2906, R2909, R2910, R3008, R3012, R3095, R3103, R3131
359b 359cClass 90 (5 Pole Skew Wound)R2955, R3053, R3077, R3139, R3350
360Class B17R2920, R2920X, R2921, R2921X, R2922, R2922X
361Class 31 (Sound)R2803XS, R2900XS, R3035XS
362bPrincess Class (DCC)R2823; R3015X; R1170
363Class 08 (Sound)R2902XS, R2903XS, R3036XS, R3037XS, R2977XS
365Pullman Observation CarR4436; R4437; R4377
366 366CTornadoR1168; R1169; R1172; R3059; R3060; R3070; R3093; R3098; R3206
367 367bVEPR2947, R2947X, R3143, R3143X, R2946, R2946X
368bClass 61xx Prairie (DCC)R2928; R3109; R3110
368Class 66R2954, R3042, R3076
369Class 66R2954; R3042; R3076; R3182
370Class 50 Sound LocomotiveR2802XS, R2901XS
372 372b 372cCounty Class (Railroad)R2980; R3061; R3157
373Class 2PR3028, R3209
374Class B1R2999, R2999X, R3000, R3000X
375bClass 42R3282, R3068
376Class 31R3067
377Hunt Class (Railroad)R3062
378Class 4FR3030, R3031
379 379 379cBrighton BelleR2987; R2988; R3184
380 380bClass A1 and A3 (Railroad)R1167; R3086
381Class 86R3058
382 382b 382cClass 92R3057, R3135, R3149
383 383bClass 67 (Twin Bogie Drive)R3038, R3040, R3039, R3038X, R3040X, R3039X
384Britannia Class 7MT (Sound)R2992XS
385Class J94R2740, R2855, R3104
386Patriot Class (Railroad)R2936, R3154
387Thompson Class 01R3088, R3089, R3090
388 388bA1 and A3 ClassR2953, R2966, R3073, R3013, R3081, R3099, R3080, R3100, R3202, R3132, R3250
389Merchant Navy Class (Sound)R3130XS
390Class 42xx and 52xxR3123, R3123X, R3124, R3124X, R3125X, R3126, R3126X
391Class 72xxR3127, R3127X, R3128, R3128X
392Class 40 (Railroad)R2938
393Class 2-BilR3161, R3162, R3177
394A4 ClassR3196, R3197, R3198, R3199, R3200, R3201
395Schools Class 4-4-0 (Railroad)R3158, R3172
3984000 ClassR3165, R3166X, R3167X
399SentinalR3178, R3179, R3180
400 400bClass 8R3168, R3191, R3192
401bClass P2 (DCC)R3171, R3207
402Class 2-HalR3260, R3290, R3290A
403bMk1 Coach (with lights)R4607, R4608, R4609, R4609A
404Class 4900R3205, R3169, R3170
405Class 8 TTSR3244TTS
406A1 Tornado TTSR3245TTS
407P2 Class TTSR3246TTS
408Drummond 700 ClassR3238, R3239, R3240
410K1 ClassR3242, R3243, R3243A
411bClass 40 TTS 
412Class 37 TTSR3289TTS
413 Class J15R3230, R3231, R3232
414Crosti Boiler 9FR3273, R3274
4154-4-2T 415 ClassR3333, R3334, R3335
416King ClassR3330, R3331, R3332
417 Railroad Patriot (2015) 
418S15 ClassR3327, R3328, R3329
419Class J50R3324, R3325, R3326
420Class 43 HSTR3502, R3366, R3403, R3478, R3390TTS
421B12 ClassR3430, R3431, R3432
422Peckett W4R3427, R3428, R3429
426Hall ClassR1184
427H ClassR3538, R3539, R3540
428Merchant Navy ClassR3434, R3435, R3382TTS
429Royal Scot (2017 Onwards)R3557, R3558, R3517
430Rebuilt Merchant NavyR3566, R3567, R3617
431Class 5 (2017 onwards)R3385TTS, R3599TTS, R3453, R3596
432HITACHI Class 800 IEPR3514, R3579

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