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Model Electronics

Electronics Lights  
A25029 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - Yellow Price: £
A25030 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - White Price: £
A25031 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - Red Price: £
A25032 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - Green Price: £
A25033 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - Amber Price: £
A25034 GOW lights (12V) - Pk10 - Blue Price: £
A25035 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - White Price: £
A25036 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - Red Price: £
A25037 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - Yellow Price: £
A25038 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - Green Price: £
A25039 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - Amber Price: £
A25040 GOR lights (12V) - Pk10 - Blue Price: £
A25050 MES Bulb Holder Pack of 4 Price: £

MES Lamps 6V - Pack of 5

Price: £

MES Lamps 12V - Pack of 5

Price: £
E036 Grain Of Rice Bulb 1.5v Price: £
E037 Side Viewing LED Green Price: £
E038 Side Viewing LED Red Price: £
E044 3mm 12V Filament Lamp - Blue Price: £
E045 3mm 12V Filament Lamp - Red Price: £
E046 3mm 12V Filament Lamp - Green Price: £
E047 3mm 12V Filament Lamp - Yellow Price: £
E048 3mm 12V Filament Lamp - White Price: £
E049 3mm 6V Filament Lamp - Blue Price: £
E050 3mm 6V Filament Lamp - Red Price: £
E051 3mm 6V Filament Lamp - Green Price: £
E052 3mm 6V Filament Lamp - Yellow Price: £
E053 3mm 6V Filament Lamp - White Price: £
E054 Miniature 3mm LED Red Price: £
E055 Miniature 3mm LED Green Price: £
E056 Miniature 3mm LED Amber Price: £
E057 1K Resistor Price: £
E058 5mm 5v LED Green Price: £
E059 5mm 5v LED Red Price: £
E060 5mm 5v LED Yellow Price: £
E061 5mm 12v LED Green Price: £
E062 5mm 12v LED Red Price: £
E063 5mm 12v LED Yellow Price: £
E064 3mm 5v LED Green Price: £
E065 3mm 5v LED Red Price: £
E066 3mm 5v LED Yellow Price: £

3mm 12v LED Green

Price: £
E068 3mm 12v LED Red Price: £

3mm 12v LED Yellow

Price: £

3mm 12v LED White

Price: £
E070 T1.25 5V 2.54mm Bi-Pin Lamp Price: £
E075 3mm LED Panel Clip Price: £
E076 5mm LED Panel Clip Price: £

Lead Free Solder (100g)

Price: £ 
E092 Bi-Colour 5mm Red/Yellow LED Price: £
E099 Grey ABS Enclosure - Large Price: £
E100 Grey ABS Enclosure - Small Price: £


A28021 Miniature push to MAKE switch (Red button) - Pack of 10 Price: £
A28022 Miniature push to MAKE switch (Black button) - Pack of 10 Price: £
A28023 Miniature push to MAKE switch (Green button) - Pack of 10 Price: £
E024 Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch (on-on) SPDT Price: £
E025 Sub-Miniature Toggle Switch (on-on) DPDT Price: £
E027 Mini Toggle Switch (on)off(on) SPDT Price: £
E028 Mini Toggle Switch (on-on) SPDT Price: £

Mini Toggle Switch (on-on) DPDT

Price: £

Mini Toggle Switch (on-off-on) DPDT

Price: £

Miniature push to 'break' switch with black button

Price: £ 
E032 Miniature push to 'make' switch with Red button Price: £
E033 Miniature push to 'make' switch with Black button Price: £ 
  Tools & Materials  
E001 Low temperature Glue Gun Price: £
E002 Glue Sticks  Price: £
E004 Heat Resistant Mat Price: £
E008 Glue Spreader Price: £
E010 Self Healing Cutting Board A4 Price: £
E011 Self Healing Cutting Board A5 Price: £
E012 Motor & Gearbox Price: £
E013 4AA Battery Holder Price: £
E014 Battery Clip Price: £
E015 Crimp Inline Fuse Holder Price: £
E016 100m Equipment Wire Black Reel   Price: £
E017 100m Equipment Wire Red Reel   Price: £
E018 100m Equipment Wire Green Reel   Price: £
E019B 100m Equipment Wire Blue Reel   Price: £
E019BRWN 100m Equipment Wire Brown Reel   Price: £
E019G 100m Equipment Wire Grey Reel   Price: £
E019O 100m Equipment Wire Orange Reel   Price: £
E019PNK 100m Equipment Wire Pink Reel   Price: £
E019PRPL 100m Equipment Wire Purple Reel   Price: £
E019W 100m Equipment Wire White Reel   Price: £
E019Y 100m Equipment Wire Yellow Reel   Price: £
E071 Solderless LED Holder Price: £
E072 Pluggable Terminal Block Price: £
E073 3a Terminal Block Price: £
E077 1.6mm Heatshrink Price: £
E079 2.4mm Heatshrink Price: £
E080 6.4mm Heatshrink Price: £
E102 Standard Hot Melt Glue Gun

Price: £

E103 Glue Sticks for Standard Hot Melt Glue Gun

Price: £

E104 Scola - Black Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E105 Scola - Blue Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E106 Scola - Green Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E107 Scola - Yellow Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E108 Scola - Red Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E109 Scola - White Readymix Paint Bottles - 600ml

Price: £

E110 Automatic Wire Stripper

Price: £


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Model Railway

Noch Model Railway Scenery - Scenic's

N05180 - Noch - Curved Tunnel, Double Track

Noch - Tunnel

Price: £

N60135 - Noch Gras-Master 2.0 - Electrostatic Flocking Device

Noch Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI

Price: £

N26806 - Noch - Hobby Trees - Spring 5-9cm (25)

Noch Spring Trees

Spring (25 Pack)

Price: £

Noch Scenics Shop

Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack A - R8221

Hornby Extension Track Pack A

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack B - R8222

Hornby Extension Track Pack B

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack C - R8223

Hornby Extension Track Pack C

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack D - R8224

Hornby Extension Track Pack D

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F

Price: £

Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Shop

R8312 - E-Link Computer Controlled Model Railway

Hornby E-Link
Computer Control

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Train Sets - Hornby Mixed Freight Train Set - R1126

Hornby Eurostar 'Yellow Submarine' Train Set

Price: £


Combi Controller

Price: £

2 Track Controller

Price: £

4 Track Controller

Price: £

Model Railway Shop

Airfix Kits Shop

Airfix - Supermarine Spitfire MkIa - 1:72 (A55100)

Supermarine Spitfire MkIa - 1:72

Price: £

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