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Hornby Power and Control


Power and Control   


C7024Digital 4 Amp Multi-Purpose TransformerPrice: £
C990Wall Mounted TransformerPrice: £
C991Wall Mounted Transformer (European 2 Pin)Price: £
P9200Wall Mounted TransformerPrice: £
R044Passing Contact SwitchPrice: £
R046Two Way Lever SwitchPrice: £
R047on-off Level SwitchPrice: £
R169Junction Home SignalPrice: £
R170Junction Distant SignalPrice: £
R171Hornby Home SignalPrice: £
R172Distant SignalPrice: £
R406Colour Light SignalPrice: £ 
R602Power ClipPrice: £ 
R8012HM2000 Train ControllerPrice: £ 
R8014Point MotorPrice: £ 
R8015Point Motor HousingPrice: £ 
R8201Power Link Wire PackPrice: £ 
R8206Power TrackPrice: £ 
R8213DCC Select ControllerPrice: £ 
R8214DCC Elite ControllerPrice: £ 
R82154 Function DCC DecoderPrice: £ 
R8216Points DecoderPrice: £ 
R8232DCC Electronic Point ClipsPrice: £ 
R8235DCC Select Walkabout ControllerPrice: £ 
R8236RJ-12 LeadPrice: £
R8237RJ-12 Lead Connecting SocketPrice: £
R8238DCC Reverse Loop ModulePrice: £
R8239DCC Power and Signal BoosterPrice: £
R8241Digital Power TrackPrice: £
R8243Surface Mounted Point MotorPrice: £
R8245DCC Sapphire Loco Decoder NMRA CompliantPrice: £
R8247Accessory DecoderPrice: £
R965Train ControllerPrice: £
R8250New Standard Train ControllerPrice: £
R8249DCC Loco Decoder V1.3 NMRA CompliantPrice: £
R8312DCC e-Link + Railmaster SoftwarePrice: £   

Tortoise™ Slow Motion Point Motor

& Accessories

6000Tortoise Slow Motion Point MotorPrice: £
6100Tortoise Remote Tortoise MountPrice: £
6101Tortoise RTM Cable and ActuatorPrice: £
6500Tortoise Slow Motion Edge ConnectorPrice: £
8100Tortoise Remote Signal ActivatorPrice: £
8101Tortoise RSA Cable and ActuatorPrice: £
6190Tortoise Drilling TemplatePrice: £


TT102TrainTronics - 2 Aspect Red/Green Light SignalPrice: £

TrainTronics - 2 Aspect Yellow / Green Light Signal

Price: £
TT104Train Tronics - 3 Aspect Green / Yellow / Red Light SignalPrice: £
TT105TrainTronics - 3 Aspect Yellow / Green / Yellow Light SignalPrice: £
TT107TrainTronics - 4 Aspect Red / Yellow / Green / Yellow Light SignalPrice: £
TT110TrainTronics - 2 Aspect Red / Green with left Feather Light SignalPrice: £

TrainTronics - 2 Aspect Red / Green with right Feather Light Signal

Price: £
TT112TrainTronics - 3 Aspect Red/Yellow/Green with left feather Light SignalPrice: £
TT113TrainTronics - 3 Aspect Red/Yellow/Green with right feather Light SignalPrice: £
TT114TrainTronics - 4 Aspect Red/Yellow/Green/Yellow with left feather Light SignalPrice: £
TT115TrainTronics - 4 Aspect Red/Yellow/Green/Yellow with right feather Light SignalPrice: £


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Model Railway

Noch Model Railway Scenery - Scenic's

N05180 - Noch - Curved Tunnel, Double Track

Noch - Tunnel

Price: £

N60135 - Noch Gras-Master 2.0 - Electrostatic Flocking Device

Noch Gras-Master 2.0

Price: £

N26806 - Noch - Hobby Trees - Spring 5-9cm (25)

Noch Spring Trees

Spring (25 Pack)

Price: £

Noch Scenics Shop

Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack A - R8221

Hornby Extension Track Pack A

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack B - R8222

Hornby Extension Track Pack B

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack C - R8223

Hornby Extension Track Pack C

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack D - R8224

Hornby Extension Track Pack D

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F

Price: £

Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Shop

R8312 - E-Link Computer Controlled Model Railway

Hornby E-Link
Computer Control

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Train Sets - Hornby Mixed Freight Train Set - R1126

Hornby DCC Mixed Freight Train Set

Price: £


Combi Controller

Price: £

2 Track Controller

Price: £

4 Track Controller

Price: £

Model Railway Shop

Airfix Kits Shop

Airfix Battle of Britain Airfield Set - A50015

RAF Battle of Britain Airfield

Price: £

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