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  Oxford Rail  
  Steam Locomotives  
OR76AR001 Oxford Rail BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class - Late BR (30583)

Price: £

OR76AR002 Oxford Rail BR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class - Early BR (30584)

Price: £

OR76AR003 Oxford Rail LSWR 4-4-2T Adams Radial 415 Class (488) (Preserved)

Price: £

  Model Railway Wagons  
OR76MW7001 7 Plank Mineral Wagon Fear Bros Staines No.95

Price: £

OR76MW7002 7 Plank Mineral Wagon Leamington Priors Gas No.10

Price: £

OR76MW7003 7 Plank Mineral Wagon E Welford & Son Oxford No.44

Price: £

OR76MW7004 7 Plank Mineral Wagon Weymouth & District Co-op No.16

Price: £

OR76MW7005 7 Plank Mineral Wagon Coventry Colleries No.217

Price: £

OR76MW7006 7 Plank Mineral Wagon Arley Colliery No.286

Price: £

Track Software and Books  
R8122 Hornby Virtual Railway 2 - HVR2  

Track Plan Book - Edition 11

R8139 Hornby 55th Edition Catalogue  
R8140 Track Plan Book - Edition 12  
R8142 Hornby 56th Edition Catalogue  
R8144 Track Master  
R8145 RailMaster  
R600 Straight Track
R601 Double Straight Track  
R602 Power clip  
R603 Long Straight Track  
R603JM Long Straight Track - Once used by James May's Toy Stories  
R604 1st Radius Track  
R605 Double 1st Radius Track  
R606 2nd Radius Track  
R607 Double Curve 2nd Radius Track  
R608 3rd Radius Track  
R609 Double Curve 3rd Radius Track  
R610 Short Straight Track  
R614 Diamond Crossing - Left Hand  
R615 Diamond Crossing - Right Hand  
R618 Double Isolating Track  
R620 Railer / Uncoupler Track  
R621 Flexi Track  
R628 33' Radius Curve Track  
R643 Half 2nd Radius Track  
R8206 Power Track  
R8241 Digital Power Track  
R8261 4th Radius Track  
R8262 Double 4th Radius Track  
R8072 Left Hand Point  
R8073 Right Hand Point  
R8074 Left Hand Curve Point  
R8075 Right Hand Curve Point  
R8076 Y Point  
R8077 Left Hand Express Point  
R8078 Right Hand Express Point  
Track Mats  
R8217 Trakmat  
R Basic Oval for Extension Track Packs
R8221 Extension Track Pack A
R8222 Extension Track Pack B
R8223 Extension Track Pack C
R8224 Extension Track Pack D
R8225 Extension Track Pack E
R8226 Extension Track Pack F
R8227 Building Pack 1  
R8228 Building Pack 2  
R8229 Building Pack 3  
R8230 Building Pack 4  
R8231 Building Pack 5  
R8011 Trakmat  
R Basic Oval for Original Track Packs  
R8010 Track Pack A  
R8016 Track Pack B  
R8017 Track Pack C  
R8018 Track Pack D  
R8019 Track Pack E  
Track Accessories
R070 Electric Turntable
R083 Buffer Stop
R207 Track Pins
R394 Hydraulic Buffer Stop
R537 Line Side Fencing
R617 Un-Coupling Ramp
R626 Pack of 4 Underlay Sheets
R636 Double Track Level Crossing
R638 Roll of Underlay
R645 Single Track Level Crossing
R658 Incline Piers
R659 3 High Piers
R660 Track Side Wall Set
R909 Track Support
R910 Fishplates
R920 Insulated Fishplates

Track Rubber

R8244 Un-Coupler Unit  
R8259 Automatic Level Crossing
R8260 Car Loading Ramp
Operating Accessories
R070 Electric Turntable


Operating Tipper

Operating Conveyor

R8134 Gravel Tipper
R8133 Timber Depot
R8135 Timber Yard
  People and Animals  
R560 City People  
R561 Sitting People  
R562 Towns People  
R563 Working People  
R564 Farm People  
R565 Farm Animals  
R767 Sheep  
R768 Cows  
  Gas Works Collection  
R8737 Gasholder  
R8738 Retort House with Chimney  
R8740 Tower Condenser and Washer  
R8741 Gas Works Purifier  
R8744 Straight Walls  
R8745 Wall Corners  
Canal Collection  
R8569 Canal Bridge  
R8606 Canal Ramps  
R8647 Canal Lock  
R8648 Canal Straight  
R8649 Canal Bend  
R8650 Canal Top of Lock Adapter  
R8651 Canal Lower Lock Adapter  
R8652 Canal Bridge Adapter  
R8653 Canal Bridge Ramp Adapter  
R8654 Canal Lock Keepers Cottage  
R8655 Canal lock Side Stores  
R8656 Canal Butty Boat  
R8746 Canal Boat  


Lineside Structure
R076 Footbridge
R180 Brick Viaduct
R189 Brick Bridge
R334 Large Station Canopy
R460 Platform - Straight
R462 Platform - Curved Large Radius
R463 Platform - Curved Small Radius
R464 Platform - Ramp
R495 Platform Subway
R499 River Bridge
R510 Platform Shelter Kit
R513 Platform Fencing
R514 Island Pier Canopy Kit
R537 Lineside Fencing
R574 Trackside Accessories
R657 Girder Bridge
R658 Incline Piers
R659 3 High Piers
R660 Track Side Wall Set
R8000 Country Station
R8001 Waiting Room
R8002 Goods Shed
R8003 Water Tower
R8004 Engine Shed
R8005 Signal Box
R8007 Booking Hall
R8008 Grand Suspension Bridge
R8009 Terminus Station
R8509 Single Stone Tunnel Portal x 2
R8510 Single Brick Tunnel Portal x 2
R8511 Double Stone Tunnel Portal x 2
R8512 Double Brick Tunnel Portal x 2
R8544 Stone Portal Side Walls
R8545 Brick Portal Side Walls
R8570 Railway Bridge
R8575 War Memorial
R8584 Loading Bay Pack
R8585 Railside Lamp Hut
R8591 AWS Boxes
R8603 Coal Staithes
R8604 Skaledale Platform - Steps Pack
R8605 Loading Stage Crane
R8614 Skaledale Platform - Double Sided Straight
R8615 Skaledale Platform - Ramps
R8631 Skaledale Extension Building
R8632 Signal Box
R8633 Skaledale Covered Coal Shed
R8635 Skaledale Goods Shed
R8638 Skaledale Platform Shelter
R8640 Platform Water Crane
R8641 Platform Footbridge
R8642 Skaledale Platform - Curved 1st Radius
R8643 Skaledale Platform - Curved 2nd Radius
R8676 Parcels And Cases On Trolley
R8677 Wicker Baskets
R8683 Signal Box No.4
R8702 Brick Retaining Wall Slope - Pack 1
R8706 Brick Retaining Wall Slope - Pack 2
R8707 Brick Retaining Wall Slope - Pack 3
R8715 Sleeper Style Embankment
R8728 Brick Retaining Wall Slope - Pack 4
R8729 Brick Retaining Wall Level - Pack 1
R8730 Brick Retaining Wall Level - Pack 2
R8731 Brick Retaining Wall Level - Pack 3
R8732 Ground Frame
R8761 Modern Telephone Box
R8764 Don's Taxi Rank Office
R8785 Farm Tractor/Plough Shed
R8786 Hornby Windmill
R8788 Corrugated Nissen Hut  
R8798 East Station Building  
R8850 East Engine Shed  
R8851 East Water Tower  
R8852 East Goods Shed  
R8853 East Signal Box  
R8856 East Waiting Room  
R9502 Magna Small Waiting Room 2009
R9503 Magna Water Tower 2009
R9504 Magna Signal Box 2009
R9508 Murco Fuel Storage Tank 2009
R9509 Track Boards 2009
R9510 Three Arch Viaduct 2009
R9511 Level Crossing Hut 2009
R9512 Concrete Plate Layers Hut 2009
R9513 Platform Gardens x2 2009
R9520 Fuel Pump 2009
R9521 Fuel Unloading Terminal 2009
R9530 Magna Booking Office 2009
R9531 Magna Waiting Room 2009
R9532 Magna Engine Shed 2009
R9533 Magna Goods Shed 2009

Skale Regis Great Northern Station

R9634 Skale Regis Great Northern Platform Signal Box 2010
R9635 Skale Regis Great Northern Signal Box 2010
R9636 Skale Regis Goods Shed 2010
R9637 Skale Regis Engine Shed 2010
R9638 Skale Regis Great Northern Waiting Room 2010

Skale Regis Great Northern Water Tower


Coaling Tower

R9641 Ash Plant 2010
R9660 Low Relief 3 Arch Viaduct  
R9663 LMS Lamp Hut  

GWR Signal Box

R9665 GWR Corrugated Lock Up Hut  
R9666 GWR Station  
R9667 GWR Engine Shed  
R9668 Tunnel Vents Pk2  
R9669 GWR Girder Bridge  
R9670 GWR Platelayers Hut  
R9671 GWR Water Column and Crane  
R9672 GWR Lamp Hut  
R9679 Traction Shed  
R9680 Dent Station  


Hornby Scenery - Colour Scatter & Lichen  
R8020 Light Green Scatter Discontinued
R8021 Mid Green Scatter Discontinued
R8022 Dark Green Scatter Discontinued
R8023 Meadow Green Scatter Discontinued
R8026 Forest Brown Scatter  
R8028 Black Scatter Discontinued
R8029 Earth Brown Scatter Discontinued
R8030 Heather Scatter  
R8031 Coal Ballast Discontinued
R8032 Blue Scatter Discontinued
R8036 Fine Granite Scatter Discontinued
R8037 Extra Fine Granite Scatter Discontinued
R8039 Light Green Lichen Discontinued
R8040 Dark Green Lichen Discontinued
R8041 Brown Lichen Discontinued
R8042 Autumn Gold Lichen  
R8043 Assorted Lichen Discontinued
R8064 Light Green Mat Discontinued
R8065 Dark Green Mat Discontinued
R8066 Grey Tarmac Mat Discontinued
R8067 Extra Fine Granite Mat Discontinued
R8068 Meadow Green Mat Discontinued
R8069 Cork Sheet Discontinued
R8070 Modelling Rock Discontinued
Scenery - Trees  
R557 Apple Trees (Pack of 4) Discontinued
R8057 Beech Tree Medium Dark Green x3 Discontinued
R8059 Beech Tree Medium Light Green x3 Discontinued
R8061 Beech Tree Large Dark Green Discontinued
R8062 Large Fir Tree Discontinued
R8063 Beech Tree Large Light Green Discontinued
Skale Lighting  
R8947 Power Strip

Price: £

R8948 Plugs X 6

Price: £

R8949 Double Sockets x2

Price: £

R8950 Fuses X 4

Price: £

R8951 Extension Wire

Price: £

R8952 Bulbs X 4

Price: £



2300 Heljan Class 23 Baby Deltic Diesel D5900 in BR Green with Small Yellow Panels

Price: £

2307 Class 23 Baby Deltic Diesel D5909 in BR Blue with Large Yellow Ends

Price: £

2308 Class 23 Baby Deltic Diesel D5900 in BR Green with Large Yellow Ends

Price: £

2630 Class 26 in Railfreight Red Stripe Livery - 26037


2632 Class 26 in BR Blue Full Yellow Ends - 26046

Price: £

2635 Class 26 in Railfreight Red-Stripe Livery - 26041

Price: £

2707 Heljan Class 27 BR Blue (Full Yellow Ends) (No. 27027)

Price: £

2720 Class 27 in BR Green Livery - D5356


2721 Class 27 in BR Green with Small Yellow Warning Panels - D5362


2722 Class 28 in BR Blue Livery - D5348

Price: £

4743 Class 47 Triple-Grey Railfreight Sector Livery (unnumbered)


4744 Class 47 'Rebecca' in Corus Rail Livery - 47727


4745 Class 47 in 'Demelza' Corus Rail Livery - 47749


8600 Class 86 Virgin Trains Livery (City of Lancaster)


8604 Class 86 Freightliner Green Livery

Price: £

8900 Heljan Class 128 DPU BR Green (with Whiskers) (No. W55993)

Price: £

8901 Heljan Class 128 DPU BR Green (No. W55992)

Price: £

8902 Heljan Class 128 DPU Early BR Blue (No. W55991)

Price: £

8903 Heljan Class 128 DP BR Blue (with Full Yellow Ends)(No. W55994)

Price: £

8941 Class 128 - Royal Mail (No. W55995)

Price: £

8990 Class 128 - BR Green DPU SW (No. M55987)

Price: £

8993 Class 128 - BR Blue DPU (with Full Yellow Ends) (No. M55990)

Price: £

4097 Pack of 4 Dogfish - 1960's/70's pack (no load)

Price: £

4098 Pack of 4 Dogfish - 1980's/90's pack (no load)


5012 Heljan Cargowaggon 2797 603-8 in Silver & Blue Livery

Price: £

5015 Heljan Cargowaggon 2797 664-0 Cargowaggon State Blue Livery

Price: £

5105 4647 xxx with CORUS RAIL brandings


5106 4747 000 in ex-works CARGOWAGGON livery

Price: £

5107 4747 028 in weathered CARGOWAGGON livery

Price: £

5108 Heljan 4647 041 in ex works CARGOWAGGON livery with load


19850220 Heljan Old Style Street Lights Black

Price: £

19850221 Heljan Old Style Street Lights Blue

Price: £

19850222 Heljan Old Style Street Lights Green

Price: £

19850240 Heljan Suburban Street Lights Pale Green

Price: £




97302 and 97304 'John Tiley' Network Rail Class 97 (Formally 37) Twin Pack

V2038 37201 Railfreight Triple Grey Metals Sector Class 37  
V2039 47768 'Resonant' RES livery Class 47  

37505 and 37685 Intercity Class 37 Twin Pack


47844 'Derby & Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce Industry' Intercity Class 47

V2067 47878 'Severn Valley Railway' Virgin Class 47  
V2071 37800 'Glo Cymru' Railfreight Coal Sector Class 37  
V2082 37682 DRS Compass Class 37

Price: £

V2086 47848 'Titan Star' Riveria Trains

Price: £

V2088 Coast Railways Twin Pack

Price: £

V2090 37669 Railfreight Red Class 37

Price: £

V2091 47587 Network SouthEast 'Ruskin College' Class 47

Price: £

V2098 47375 Advenza Freight Class 47

Price: £

V2099 47802 'Pride of Cumbria' DRS Compass Class 47

Price: £

V2111 37174 BR Blue Large Logo Class 37

Price: £

V2112 37426 Vale of Rheidol Intercity Class 37

Price: £

V2113 37212 BR Blue (Small Logo) Class 37

Price: £


Jouef HO Gauge Model Railway (Scale 1:87)

Train Set  
HJ1000 Marchandises Express Train Set  
HJ1002 TGV Express Train Set  
HJ1013 TGV Record du Monde Train Set  

TGV Duplex Train Set

Train Pack  
HJ2019 SNCF TGV P.O.S. high-speed train  

SNCF TGV Duplex Rame 600 new logo high-speed train


La Poste TGV High-Speed Train


SNCF TGV Sud Est High-Speed Train

HJ4022 "SNCF TGV P.O.S." additional carriage set  
HJ4023 "SNCF TGV P.O.S." additional carriage set  

La Poste TGV additional carriage with logo.


La Poste TGV additional carriage without logo

HJ40379 Pack of 6 Buffer Stops - SNCF Style  

Electrotren HO Gauge Model Railway (Scale 1:87)

HE0241 Catenary Post - (Overhead Power Cable Posts)  

Catenary Wire Pack of 10 - 360mm Lengths (Overhead Power Cable)

HE0271 Catenary Wire Pack of 10 - 270mm Lengths (Overhead Power Cable)  
HE1569 Low side car “Cargas RENFE”, type ks. With 2 containers  
HE2400 Diesel locomotive 316 RENFE (silver and green)  
HE2404 Diesel locomotive 1601 RENFE  
HE2508 Electric locomotive CP 5611  
HE2510 Electric locomotive CP 5614  
HE2906 Diesel locomotive RENFE 311.128. Grandes Líneas  
HE2908 Diesel locomotive RENFE 311.126. Cargas Renfe  
HE3450 Double Decker Train, Series 450  
HE5180 Low side wagon RENFE, type Rs. With 3 containers  
HE5181 Low side wagon RENFE, type Rs. With 3 containers  
HE5506 Sliding wall box car DB TRANSFESA  
HE5563 Sliding wall boxcar “Cargas RENFE Agrícola”  
HE6406 3-axle Postwaggon “Mainz” 3912 3b/12,5 - current Museums version  
HE15001 3rd class Coach, MZA - CWFFV 278  
HE15002 1st and 3rd class Coach, RENFE - AAC 331  
HE18008 1st class coach, RENFE AA-8024  
HE18010 2nd class coach, RENFE BB-8705  

Lima HO Gauge Model Railway (Scale 1:87)

HL1009 German ICE-T Train Set  
HL1031 ETR 480 Pendolino Train Set  
HL1032 Classic Express ETR 450 Pendolino Train Set  
HL1033 European Electric Duplex Passenger Train Set  
HL1034 European Electric Passenger Train Set  
HL1035 European Freight Container Train Set  
HL1037 Freight Train Set  
HL1038 Millennium Express Passenger Set Train Set  
HL1039 Freight Play Starter Train Set  
HL8000 Operational Container Crane  
HL8001 Operational Container Stacker  

Javis Plasticard

JPC10 Plasticard - White - 10/000  
JPC20 Plasticard - White - 20/000  
JPC30 Plasticard - White - 30/000  
JPC40 Plasticard - White - 40/000  
JPC60 Plasticard - White - 60/000  
FBS401 Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast Plain Bond  
FBS402 Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast English Bond  
FBS403 Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast Flemish Bond  
FBS404 Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast Stone Blocks  


Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast Paving Stones  
FBS406 Plasticard - White - 4mm Finecast Stone Set  
FBS409 Plasticard - White - 4mm Corrugated Iron Sheets - 15 (110mm x 44mm)  
FBS410 Plasticard - Clear - 4mm Corrugated Iron Sheets - 15 (110mm x 44mm)  
L10231 Standard Decoder  
L10321 Silver 21 Decoder  
L10330 Silver Direct Decoder  
L10331 Silver Decoder  
L10433 Gold Decoder  
L11150 Accessory Decoder for 6 Points/Turnouts  

DCC Concepts

DCD-ADS2FX Universal Solenoid Accessory Decoder (2 Output)

Price: £

DCD-ADS8FX Universal Solenoid Accessory Decoder (8 Output)

Price: £

DCM-RRA6  DCC Concepts H-DCM-RRA6 Rolling Road - Active Set (DCP101)

Price: £

DCP-CB1IP COBALT iP Slow Action Analogue Point Motor (Single)

Price: £

DCP-CB1DIP COBALT iP Slow Action Digital Point Motor (Single)

Price: £

DML-LLBRD BR Loco Lamp Red (6) (DCP002)

Price: £

PROBS-FIX-01 OO / HO Track Ballast Fixer

Price: £

PROLB-902 Rotating Loco Cradle (OO HO or N scale)

Price: £

PROCT-HO-01 Track Voltage Tester (OO / HO / TT / N)

Price: £

PROBS-HO-01 OO / HO Track Ballast Spreader

Price: £

PROBS-HO-02 OO/HO Advanced Ballast Spreading Car

Price: £

Expo Tools  
AB500 Portable Spray Booth  
AB602 AB602 Airbrush  
A16930 Flexible Rubber Mount with 11 sanding discs  
A16931 Sanding Discs  
11508 8 Piece Twist Hss Drill Set  
11509 8 Piece Twist HSS Drill Set  
11516 16 Piece Twist HSS Drill Set  
11520 20 Piece Drill Set  
11521 20 Piece Drill Set Wire Gauge  
12810 Adaptor Collet Pin Chuck Set  
13030 Circular Saw Set  

Rotary File Set - 5 Pieces

16604 Brush and Polisher Set - 5 Pieces  
16605 Hard Felt Polishing Set - 6 Pieces  
18870 Cutting disc / Mandrell Set  
19505 Mains Rotary Tool Kit & Flexi Drive Kit  
21064 Battery for Amati Hot Wire Polystyrene Cutter  
27016 LCD Digital Multimeter  


4mm Burnishing Brush


4mm Burnishing Brush Refills

70800 Paint Stirring Tool  
70830  Probe Set - 6 Piece  
70839 5pc Stainless Steel Probe Set in wallet  
70840 Carver Set - 6 Piece  
71002 Mini Sprung Clip-Clamps  
71006 Dual Action Quick Ratchet Clamps  
71010 Mini Clamp set  
71015 Multifunction F Clamp Set  
71207 Cutting mat and Knife  
71208 Replacement Blades for Cutting Mat and Knife  
72510 10 Piece Needle File Set  
72512 5 Piece Diamond Needle File Set  
72517 5 Piece Mini Diamond Needle File Set  
72521 Needle File Plat  
72525 Needle File Round  
72527 Needle File Hand  
72535 5 Piece Mini Needle File Set  
72541 10 Piece Warding File Set  
73013 Multi Head Hammer  
73520 4pc Model Makers Tool Kit  
73540 No 5 Knife Handle  
73541 No 2 Knife Handle  
73542 No 1 Knife Handle  
73544 Razor Saw Set  
73545 No 234 Razor Saw Blade  
73546 No 235 Razor Saw Blade  
73547 Razor Saw Set  
73548 No 240 Razor Saw Set  
73550 Pack of 5 T2 Straight Blades  
73552 Pack of 5 T18 Chisel Blades  
73554 Pack of 5 T22 Curved Blades  
73559 Pack of 5 Assorted Blades  
73570 Pack of 5 T10 Curved Blades  
73571 Pack of 5 T11 Straight Blades  
73574 Pack of 5 T17 Chisel Blades  
73575 Pack of 5 Assorted Blades  
73828 Triplet Magnifier with 10x Magnification  
73830 10x Eye Magnifier  
73835 Triple Lens Folding Magnifier  
73860 Helping Hands with Glass Magnifier  
73880 Hand Magnifying Glass 4x / 2x  
74009 6" Stainless Steel Rule (with pocket clip)  
74010 6" Stainless Steel Rule  
74011 12" Stainless Steel Rule  
74102 2mm Scale Rule - Stainless Steel  
74104 4mm Scale Rule - Stainless Steel  

Standard Glue Gun

74360 Amati Hot Wire Polystyrene Cutter  
75010 Revolving Top Pin Vice  
75012 4 Jaw Pin Vice  
75020 Archimedes Drill  
75021 Archimedes Drill (Sprung)  
75022 Archimedes PCB Drill  
75032 Pistol Grip Hand Drill  
75110 Expo Tools 2mm Pin Pusher  
75536 Side Cutter Micro Plier  
75550 Side Cutter Plier  
75559 Snipe Nose Plier with Serrated Jaws  
75560 Snipe Nose Plier with Plain Jaws  
75562 Side Cutter Box Joint Plier  
75564 Round Nose Box Joint Plier  
75565 Curved Nose Box Joint Pliers with Plain Jaws  
75570 Xuron Track Cutters  
75583 Xuron 'in situ' Track Cutters (Vertical Cutting)  
76011 Standard Adjustable Piecing Saw Frame  
76020 72 Assorted Piercing Saw Blades  
76080 90 Degree Multi Clamp  
76530 Microsnips  
77000 5 Piece Jewellers Screwdriver Set  
77047 Flat blade Screwdriver  
77050 Flat blade Screwdriver  
77056 Cross Point Screwdriver  
77060 Cross Point Screwdriver  
77070 8 Piece Jewellers Screwdriver Set with Stand  
77592 Soldamop  
77594 Solder With Flux Core (100g)  
77596 100gm Reels of Solder  
78000 6 Piece Spanner Set  
78020 100mm Adjustable Wrench  
78032 2.5mm BA Nut Spinner  
78040 6 Piece BA Nut spinner Set  
78215 2" Stainless Steel Square  
78216 3" Stainless Steel Square  
78224 Miniature Carpenters Plane  
79000 AA Tweezer  
79003 No 3 Tweezer  
79006 No 6 Angled Tweezer  
79007 No 7 Tweezer  
79020 Self Closing Tweezer Straight  
79021 Self Closing Tweezer Curved  
79022 Straight Pointed Tweezer  
79056 Crosslock Tweezer  
79059 No 59 Self Closing Tweezer  
80022 Master Cut  


A22020 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Red  
A22021 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Black  
A22022 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Blue  
A22023 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Green  
A00024 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Yellow  
A22025 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - White  
A22026 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Brown  
A22027 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Grey  
A22028 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Orange  
A22029 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Purple  
A22030 0.2mm Equipment Wire (10m) - Pink  
E017 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Red  
E016 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Black  
E019B 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Blue  
E018 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Green  
E019Y 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Yellow  
E019W 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - White  
E019BRWN 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Brown  
E019G 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Grey  
E019O 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Orange  
E019PRP 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Purple  
E019PNK 0.2mm Equipment Wire (100m) - Pink  
E071 Solderless LED Holder  
Battery Boxes  

2AA Battery Holder with Battery Clip


4AA Square Battery Holder with Battery Clip

E013 4AA Long Battery Holder  

PP3,PP6 Battery Clip


Stripboards (9 X 25 holes) (25X64mm)


Micro Spade Connectors and Heat Shrink Pack of 10


Crocodile Clips Pack of 2 (Red and Blue)

A23020 12 Way Terminal Blocks - Pack of 5 (3 amp)  
A23021 12 Way Terminal Blocks - Pack of 5 (5 amp)  
A23050 Test Leads (50cm Long) - Pack of 10  

4mm Plug - Pack of 4 (Red and Black)


4mm Socket - Pack of 4 (Red and Black)

E015 Crimp In-line Fuse Holder  

15 Way HD plug and Socket


15 Way HD plug and Socket

E022 Miniature Crocodile Clip - Red  
E023 Miniature Crocodile Clip - Black  

Pluggable Terminal Strips (8mm 6A)

E073 3 Amp Terminal blocks  
Motors and Gears  
E012 Motor and Gearbox with two Ratios  
A26022 Miniature 4.5V Motor MM18 - Pack of 3  
A26023 Miniature 4.5V Motor MM28 - Pack of 2.  
A26030 Miniature 3V Motor RE130 - Pack of 5  
A26031 Miniature 3V Motor RE140 - Pack of 5  
A26220 9 Piece Nylon Gear Set  

Basic Gear Box


4 Piece Plastic Pulley Set

A26831 Motor Mount - Pack of 4  
Heat Shrink  
E077 1.6mm Grey Heatshrink  

2.4mm Black Heatshrink

E080 6.4mm Black Heatshrink  

Expo Tools Hardware

31010 Pack of 8 Brass Nuts and Bolts - 6BA Cheesehead Bolts  

Pack of 8 Brass Nuts and Bolts - 6BA Countersunk Bolts


Pack of 8 Brass Nuts and Bolts - 8BA Cheesehead Bolts

31021 Pack of 8 Brass Nuts and Bolts - 8BA Countersunk Bolts  
50000 Plastic Display Case  
A30020 Assorted Springs  
A30021 Pack of Steal / Brass / Copper Wire  
A30033 Brass Eyes and Hooks - Pack of 4  
A30034 Brass Screw Eyes - Pack of 20  
A30041 12mm Brass Hinges - Pack of 4  
A30042 19mm Brass Hinges - Pack of 4  
A30043 25mm Brass Hinges - Pack of 4  
EM6001 Scenix Corner Public House (Pub)  
EM6001A Scenix Corner Public House (Pub) - Alternative Colour  
EM6002 Scenix Barn  

Scenix Village Hall / Chapel / School

EM6004 Scenix Victorian Semi Detached House  
EM6004A Scenix Victorian Semi Detached House - Alternative Colour  
EM6005 Scenix Victorian Semis-Back 1/2 Profile  
EM6006 Scenix Victorian Semis-Front 1/2 Profile  
EM6007 Scenix Old English Farmhouse  
EM6008 Scenix 3 House Terrace  
EM6008A Scenix 3 House Terrace  
EM6010 Scenix 3 House Terrace-Backs 1/2 Profile  
EM6011 Scenix 1950's/1960's Semi Detached House  
EM6014 Scenix Parade of 3 Shops  
EM6014A Scenix Parade of 3 Shops - Alternative Colour  
EM6018 Scenix Garage / Warehouse  
EM6101 Scenix Stable / Hut / Shed  

Scenix Engine Shed

EM6105 Scenix Water Tower  
EM6106 Scenix Signal Box  
EM6107 Scenix Twin Engine Shed  
EM6109 Scenix Station Master House  
EM6110 Scenix Station Master Extension  
EM6111 Scenix Ticket Office  
EM6111A Scenic Ticket Office - Alternative Colour  
EM6112 Scenix Waiting Room  
EM6112A Scenic Waiting Room - Alternative Colour  
EM6113 Scenix Gentleman's Convenience (Toilet)  
EM6113A Scenix Gentleman's Convenience (Toilet)  - Alternative  

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Noch Model Railway Scenery - Scenic's

N05180 - Noch - Curved Tunnel, Double Track

Noch - Tunnel

Price: £

N60135 - Noch Gras-Master 2.0 - Electrostatic Flocking Device

Noch Gras-Master 3.0 PROFI

Price: £

N26806 - Noch - Hobby Trees - Spring 5-9cm (25)

Noch Spring Trees

Spring (25 Pack)

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Hornby Trakmat

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack A - R8221

Hornby Extension Track Pack A

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Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack B - R8222

Hornby Extension Track Pack B

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack C - R8223

Hornby Extension Track Pack C

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Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack D - R8224

Hornby Extension Track Pack D

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Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack E - R8225

Hornby Extension Track Pack E

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Extension Track Pack F - R8226

Hornby Extension Track Pack F

Price: £

Hornby Trakmat

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R8312 - E-Link Computer Controlled Model Railway

Hornby E-Link
Computer Control

Price: £

Hornby Model Railway Train Sets - Hornby Mixed Freight Train Set - R1126

Hornby Eurostar 'Yellow Submarine' Train Set

Price: £


Combi Controller

Price: £

2 Track Controller

Price: £

4 Track Controller

Price: £

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Airfix - Supermarine Spitfire MkIa - 1:72 (A55100)

Supermarine Spitfire MkIa - 1:72

Price: £

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