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accurascale - 92001 - 'Victor Hugo' - Class 92

Product Code: ACC2190-92001 | ACC2190-92001DCC

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Production Details:

The Class 92, introduced in 1993, was designed specifically for operation through the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France.

Specification: Livery: EWS Maroon, All Wheel Drive and All Wheel Pickups, Five Pole Motor with Two Flywheels, Directional Lighting, Twin Motorised Pantographs, etched Metal Parts, Sprung Buffers, Minimum Radius: 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track), DCC Ready or Factory Fitted DCC Sound. Full Technical Specification.


Common Features:

Highly detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2
Die-cast Alloy metal chassis
Provided DCC ready [21Pin MTX Socket] or Factory DCC Sound Fitted
Separately applied etched metal and high fidelity plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers, nameplates, crests and more.
Correct height mini-tension-lock couplers with NEM socket as well as a fully detailed bufferbeam

High Performance traction, to include;

Five-Pole motor with two flywheels
Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
Gearing arranged for accurate top speed
DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
All wheel drive and all wheel pickup

Dual motorised Pantographs with full DCC control

Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including:

Directional lighting, DC and DCC
Lighting clusters with appropriate day and night-time modes
Red and white marker lights
Separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, details driver’s console, auto off on movement

RP25-110 wheels OO wheels with provision for re-gauging to p4 (18.83mm) and EM (18mm) gauge
Two quality speakers with large sound capsules for best possible sound (*on sound fitted models)
Fully sprung metal buffers
Extra fine factory-fitted pipework

Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)



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